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A summer image of one of Junge's summer jackets for women.

GUIDE - Finding the Perfect Summer Jacket

Summer jackets for women - Lightweight, stylish, and comfortable As the sun shines and temperatures rise, it's time to stow away those heavy winter coats and embrace lightweight, airy summer jacket...

Our model of a down jacket named Daisy

Why Choose Down?

When preparing for your next outdoor adventure, choosing the right clothing is crucial. And when it comes to warmth and lightweight comfort, there are few alternatives that can match down jackets. ...

Everyday jacket from Junge - The functional jacket Honor

The Perfect Everyday Jacket

Functional jackets, also known as outdoor jackets, serve as the essential link between style and practicality when it comes to outerwear. Constructed with a singular purpose—to meet the changing de...

Find the Perfect Winter Jacket for Women

Find the Perfect Winter Jacket for Women

As the cold winter months approach, it's essential to have the perfect winter jacket. The winter season can be quite long, so if you want to avoid feeling chilly, your winter jacket should keep you...

How to Best Care for Your Junge Down Jacket

How to Best Care for Your Junge Down Jacket

A down jacket from Junge is not only a stylish and warm garment but also an investment. To ensure that your down jacket maintains its insulation and does not clump after washing, it's important to ...

Choose the Perfect Fit

Choose the Perfect Fit

When it comes to jackets and coats, fit is crucial for both style and comfort. At Junge, we understand the importance of offering fits that cater to different preferences and occasions. Therefore, ...