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How to Best Care for Your Junge Down Jacket

How to Best Care for Your Junge Down Jacket

A down jacket from Junge is not only a stylish and warm garment but also an investment. To ensure that your down jacket maintains its insulation and does not clump after washing, it's important to ...

Choose the Perfect Fit

Choose the Perfect Fit

When it comes to jackets and coats, fit is crucial for both style and comfort. At Junge, we understand the importance of offering fits that cater to different preferences and occasions. Therefore, ...

Smiling Duck - Junge INT

Smiling Duck

As part of the product range, Junge offers an animal-friendly alternative to genuine down. The jackets with this type of filling we call Smiling Duck. The filling is a synthetic material and is mad...

Feminine Aesthetics - Junge INT

Feminine Aesthetics

The Autumn Winter 2019 collection presents an elegant balance between feminine aesthetics and minimalism. The collection shows an effortless sense of luxury and understated beauty. A contemporary, ...

Jackets from recycled plastic bottles - Junge INT

Jackets from recycled plastic bottles

For the sake of the Earth and the future of our children, Junge believes in sustainable fashion. Plastics pose a great threat to the environment – the nature and the oceans are filled with plastic....

Functional outerwear - Junge INT

Functional outerwear

Junge designs minimalistic and stylish functional jackets of high quality. The functional jackets are waterproof, have taped seams and welded zippers. They are designed with special details and som...