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Junge Honor Kv. 82 45-OliveJunge Honor Kv. 82 45-Olive
Honor - Olive Sale price€299,00 EUR
Junge Honor Kv. 82 10-OffwhiteJunge Honor Kv. 82 10-Offwhite
Honor - Offwhite Sale price€299,00 EUR
Junge Halle Kv. 88 50-NavyJunge Halle Kv. 88 50-Navy
Halle - Navy Sale price€219,00 EUR
Junge Dortha Kv. 88 49-KiwiJunge Dortha Kv. 88 49-Kiwi
Dortha - Kiwi Sale price€219,00 EUR
Junge Dortha Kv. 88 10-OffwhiteJunge Dortha Kv. 88 10-Offwhite
Dortha - Offwhite Sale price€219,00 EUR
Junge Halle Kv. 88 10-OffwhiteJunge Halle Kv. 88 10-Offwhite
Halle - Offwhite Sale price€219,00 EUR
Junge Halle Kv. 88 45-OliveJunge Halle Kv. 88 45-Olive
Halle - Olive Sale price€219,00 EUR

The complete functional jacket for women

One of the first things that best describes our functional jackets is their practicality and durable design. We have particularly focused on the fact that they must be able to withstand wind and weather, and must be able to last for several seasons.

That's why they are designed with high waterproofness, great breathability, taped seams and welded zips, which you can read more about here. All these features guarantee you a jacket of the highest quality without having to fear that it will only last one season.

Stay in style with a functional jacket from Junge

While pragmatic features are important, there's nothing wrong with looking good at the same time. That's why we also have functional jackets in several colors and with different cuts, so you can choose the model that best suits your own style and personality.

However, that is not the only special thing about our functional jackets, as they are also reversible. It allows you to choose the stylish look of a classic jacket, or turn it into the more practical down jacket. This makes our functional jackets very special in that they can be adapted to all kinds of wind and weather, without compromising on design and functionality. This also distinguishes a Junge functional jacket from the classic winter jackets, as they function as 2 smart and good-looking jackets in 1.

All the functional jackets also take the feminine shape into account, so you can choose the style that suits you best.