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Functional outerwear - Junge INT

Junge designs minimalistic and stylish functional jackets of high quality. The functional jackets are waterproof, have taped seams and welded zippers. They are designed with special details and some with a hood inside the collar.

The jackets have a waterproof rating of 3000 mm. These figures indicate the amount of water pressure a fabric can withstand. This means a jacket with a 3000mm rating will endure a 3000mm or three metre column of water bearing down on it, before it starts to leak.

The jackets have a breathable rating of 3000 mvp. Breathable materials allow sweat and moisture to be transported away from the body and out from the garment. Breathability is measured by the speed at which sweat passes through the textile, in grams of sweat that pass through a square metre in 24 hours (g/m2/d).

Taped seams
To ensure that the product is as water resistant as possible, the seams are covered with a special tape. This tape increases the product’s properties and is used in rainwear.

Welded zippers
The zippers in the jackets are welded in, instead of sewn in, which makes them water resistant and therefore ideal for waterproof functionwear.

The jackets have a fashionable look with each their own detail and with their stylish look, they can be styled for all kinds of occasions. They are especially ideal for the transitional season, where the weather is unpredictable, for a walk or hike, but they are also highly usable for everyday life.

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