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Smiling Duck - Junge INT

As part of the product range, Junge offers an animal-friendly alternative to genuine down. The jackets with this type of filling we call Smiling Duck. The filling is a synthetic material and is made from 100% polyester. The synthetic material is reminiscent of high quality down and has the similar insulating properties.  

The advantages of the synthetic insulation are that the material is very compressible and that the jackets can be washed in the washing machine and drip dry without any problems. The jackets do not require thorough drying like down jackets, which require thorough drying before they’re completely dry, to avoid mold, lumps and damaging the down.

Smiling Duck, on the other hand, can withstand water and will retain some of the insulation ability, even if it gets a bit wet. Therefore, the Smiling Duck is particularly suitable for the transitional season, with semi cold weather, where there’s still a risk of rain and moisture, and where you do not need as much insulation as for winter.

The logo “Smiling Duck by Junge” assures the consumer that the product is animal-friendly and does not consist of genuine down. 100% downfree = Smiling Duck.

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