Jackets from recycled plastic bottles

Jackets from recycled plastic bottles - Junge INT

For the sake of the Earth and the future of our children, Junge believes in sustainable fashion.

Plastics pose a great threat to the environment – the nature and the oceans are filled with plastic. A large part of the plastic flowing along the coastlines and in the oceans are plastic bottles. Therefore, Junge would like to help ensure that plastic bottles are recycled, rather than ending up in nature and in the stomachs of birds and fish.

Junge has for this reason designed jackets made of recycled plastic bottles for the Spring Summer 2019 collection. The jackets are made from recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are processed in several steps into a polyester yarn, from which various high-quality fabrics are produced.

The items can be recognized in the store by the special “Repreve” hangtags formed like a plastic bottle. In comparison to virgin polyester, “Repreve” reduces energy consumption by over 45%, water consumption by nearly 20% and greenhouse gas emissions by over 30%. Repreve is SCS certified, which is the highest standard within environmental content and practices.

If you choose a piece of clothing from this series, you contribute to the reduction of the waste in nature and help cleaning the oceans and the coastlines. In this way, Junge hopes to help preserve our beautiful earth. We hope that you’re also excited about sustainable fashion.

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