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Junge Daisy Kv. 62 11-ChampagneJunge Daisy Kv. 62 11-Champagne
Daisy - Champagne Sale price£147.00
Junge Daisy Kv. 62 36-RaspberryJunge Daisy Kv. 62 36-Raspberry
Daisy - Raspberry Sale price£118.00
Junge Isby Kv. 88 90-BlackJunge Isby Kv. 88 90-Black
Isby - Black Sale price£230.00
Junge Daisy Kv. 62 10-WhiteJunge Daisy Kv. 62 10-White
Daisy - White Sale price£118.00
Junge Daisy Kv. 62 47-Cactus
Daisy - Cactus Sale price£130.00
Junge Iris Kv. 62 92-SteelJunge Iris Kv. 62 92-Steel
Iris - Steel Sale price£208.00
Junge Mary Kv. 65 45-Olive
Mary - Olive Sale price£260.00
Junge Daisy Kv. 62 49-KiwiJunge Daisy Kv. 62 49-Kiwi
Daisy - Kiwi Sale price£118.00
Junge Gyda Kv. 88 45-OliveJunge Gyda Kv. 88 45-Olive
Gyda - Olive Sale price£312.00
Junge Madeleine Kv. 65 90-BlackJunge Madeleine Kv. 65 90-Black
Madeleine - Black Sale price£364.00
Junge Ida-Marie Kv. 16 38-BaroloJunge Ida-Marie Kv. 16 38-Barolo
Ida-Marie - Barolo Sale price£251.00
Junge Daisy Kv. 62 90-BlackJunge Daisy Kv. 62 90-Black
Daisy - Black Sale price£147.00
Junge Daisy Kv. 62 90-BlackJunge Daisy Kv. 62 90-Black
Daisy - Black Sale price£130.00
Junge Daisy Kv. 62 50-NavyJunge Daisy Kv. 62 50-Navy
Daisy - Navy Sale price£130.00
Junge Irma Kv. 68 33-RoseJunge Irma Kv. 68 33-Rose
Irma - Rose Sale price£204.00
Junge Efa Kv. 68 90-Black
Efa - Black Sale price£208.00
Junge Efa Kv. 68 33-Rose
Efa - Rose Sale price£208.00
Junge Ingelise Kv. 66 42-Tree topJunge Ingelise Kv. 66 42-Tree top
Ingelise - Tree top Sale price£165.00
Junge Ingelise Kv. 66 33-RoseJunge Ingelise Kv. 66 33-Rose
Ingelise - Rose Sale price£165.00
Junge Ibi Kv. 65 90-BlackJunge Ibi Kv. 65 90-Black
Ibi - Black Sale price£260.00
Junge Ibi Kv. 65 45-Olive.Junge Ibi Kv. 65 45-Olive.
Ibi - Olive. Sale price£260.00
Junge Idea Kv. 62 11-ChampagneJunge Idea Kv. 62 11-Champagne
Idea - Champagne Sale price£260.00
Junge India Kv. 62 57-ThunderJunge India Kv. 62 57-Thunder
India - Thunder Sale price£165.00
Junge India Kv. 62 30-ScarletJunge India Kv. 62 30-Scarlet
India - Scarlet Sale price£165.00
Junge Mary Kv. 50 10-SnowJunge Mary Kv. 50 10-Snow
Mary - Snow Sale price£289.00
Junge Ilona Kv. 50 90-BlackJunge Ilona Kv. 50 90-Black
Ilona - Black Sale price£321.00
Junge Irene Kv. 50 46-MossJunge Irene Kv. 50 46-Moss
Irene - Moss Sale price£303.00
Junge Ida Kv. 68 06-Black/cognacJunge Ida Kv. 68 06-Black/cognac
Ida - Black/cognac Sale price£191.00
Junge Isa Kv. 66 90-BlackJunge Isa Kv. 66 90-Black
Isa - Black Sale price£208.00
Junge Irina Kv. 66 92-IronJunge Irina Kv. 66 92-Iron
Irina - Iron Sale price£191.00
Junge Irina Kv. 66 91-SilverJunge Irina Kv. 66 91-Silver
Irina - Silver Sale price£191.00
Junge Iris Kv. 62 57-ThunderJunge Iris Kv. 62 57-Thunder
Iris - Thunder Sale price£208.00
Junge Griffin Kv. 62 57-ThunderJunge Griffin Kv. 62 57-Thunder
Griffin - Thunder Sale price£191.00
Junge Irene Kv. 50 90-BlackJunge Irene Kv. 50 90-Black
Irene - Black Sale price£303.00
Junge Iris Kv. 62 43-Bottle greenJunge Iris Kv. 62 43-Bottle green
Iris - Bottle green Sale price£208.00
Junge Ingelise Kv. 66 39-BrickJunge Ingelise Kv. 66 39-Brick
Ingelise - Brick Sale price£165.00
Junge Iris Kv. 62 11-ChampagneJunge Iris Kv. 62 11-Champagne
Iris - Champagne Sale price£208.00
Junge Isabella Kv. 14 63-LatteJunge Isabella Kv. 14 63-Latte
Isabella - Latte Sale price£243.00
Junge Louise Kv. 62 90-BlackJunge Louise Kv. 62 90-Black
Louise - Black Sale price£86.00
Junge Louise Kv. 62 54-GlacierJunge Louise Kv. 62 54-Glacier
Louise - Glacier Sale price£86.00
Junge Jaqueline Kv. 66 51-CloudJunge Jaqueline Kv. 66 51-Cloud
Jaqueline - Cloud Sale price£78.00
Junge Irja Kv. 88 90-BlackJunge Irja Kv. 88 90-Black
Irja - Black Sale price£243.00
Junge Irina Kv. 66 42-Tree topJunge Irina Kv. 66 42-Tree top
Irina - Tree top Sale price£191.00
Junge Iris Kv. 62 61-BrownJunge Iris Kv. 62 61-Brown
Iris - Brown Sale price£208.00
Junge Ilene Kv. 86 11-ChampagneJunge Ilene Kv. 86 11-Champagne
Ilene - Champagne Sale price£243.00
Junge Ida Kv. 68 55-Midnight blueJunge Ida Kv. 68 55-Midnight blue
Ida - Midnight blue Sale price£191.00
Junge Ida Kv. 68 11-ChampagneJunge Ida Kv. 68 11-Champagne
Ida - Champagne Sale price£191.00
Junge Irma Kv. 68 10-SnowJunge Irma Kv. 68 10-Snow
Irma - Snow Sale price£204.00
Junge Mary Kv. 65 45-OliveJunge Mary Kv. 65 45-Olive
Mary - Olive Sale price£338.00
Junge Iro Kv. 86 50-NavyJunge Iro Kv. 86 50-Navy
Iro - Navy Sale price£243.00

Comfortable and Modern Winter Jackets for Women at Junge

Here at Junge, we offer a wide and highly diverse selection of quality winter jackets for women. We take pride in presenting our extensive range of delightful winter jackets that will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the cold season.

We understand how essential it is to have a good winter jacket that not only protects you from the cold but also makes you feel at ease no matter what activities you engage in. Our collections offer stylish designs and advanced materials that cater to various needs and tastes, featuring several fashionable and trendy designs.

Winter Jackets for Every Occasion

A winter jacket should be versatile and adaptable to different needs. Here at Junge, we have considered every aspect of a winter jacket and offer outerwear that goes beyond simply keeping you warm. Our selection includes both elegant and sporty models suitable for any occasion.

Hence, you will also be able to find classic down jackets in both long and short styles. We also offer a wide range of functional jackets with multiple layers designed as a unit, ensuring they don't feel bulky or heavy to wear. If you're looking for this type of winter jacket, you can check out our selection here.

Whether you need a jacket for everyday use, a stylish jacket for urban outings, or a technical jacket for your outdoor adventures, we have something that perfectly suits you.

Our winter jackets are crafted to meet the demands of modern women. Comfort and functionality are paramount, allowing you to move freely and effortlessly regardless of what the day brings. Take a bike ride around the city, drive to work, or meet friends for a cozy café evening without worrying about the cold. With our comfortable winter jackets, you are well-equipped for it all.

Find the Perfect Winter Jacket Regardless of Your Style

At Junge, we never compromise on quality. For over 75 years, we have specialized in creating high-quality outerwear with exquisite designs for fashion-conscious women. Our range of winter jackets for women reflects our commitment to offering only the best.

We are experts in winter jackets, and we are delighted to provide you with a wide range of products, all incorporating the latest trends and technologies. Whether you're looking for a classic down jacket that keeps you extra warm on the coldest winter days or a winter jacket that combines style and functionality, you've come to the right place.

Our experienced team is always ready to assist you in choosing the perfect winter jacket that matches your personal style, as we understand the importance of investing in a jacket that lasts through many seasons, and our products are designed with long-term use and durability in mind.

Wool Coat and Down Jacket - Two Wonderful Options

Our wool jackets are true classics that never go out of style. They are made from high-quality wool fabric that ensures a warm and comfortable feeling even on the coldest winter days. The elegant silhouettes and timeless designs make them the perfect choice for women who desire a sophisticated style without compromising on functionality. If you're specifically looking for a wool jacket, you can find our selection here.

Our down jackets are designed to be lightweight yet incredibly warm. They are filled with highly insulated down that effectively keeps the cold out and the warmth in. The lightweight material makes them perfect for outdoor activities where maintaining a mobile and flexible jacket is important. Our down jackets combine style and performance, making them an ideal companion for the modern woman living an active lifestyle. You can find our collection of down jackets for autumn and winter here.

If you're unsure whether a down jacket is right for you, you can read about why down is the perfect material right here. And with the proper maintenance, a down jacket from Junge can last for many years. You can read much more about this in our guide to the proper maintenance of a down jacket.

Find Your New Favorite Winter Jackets Right Here at

As winter approaches and the cold begins to bite, Junge is your reliable partner. We have winter jackets and wool jackets to suit every taste and style, and our range is meticulously designed to meet all your needs. We take pride in delivering products that not only shield you from the elements but also highlight your personality and style.

So whether you're looking for a warm down jacket for the coldest days or a versatile wool coat to complete your winter look, Junge is the obvious choice for you. Our dedicated team is ready to welcome you and help you find the perfect winter jacket that suits your needs. We are also happy to assist you in finding the right fit for you. To help you get started, we've created a guide for you on fits, where you can read about our different fits. So, warm up for winter with Junge!