Junge produces exclusive down jackets, with top quality down, certified to Responsible Down Standard (RDS). This certification means, among other things, that the plucking of live animals and compulsory feeding is prohibited. In order for suppliers to be able to live up to this standard, the entire chain from farm to finished product is regularly checked and the down is therefore 100% traceable.

Down has a unique insulating ability and is therefore ideal for jackets. Feathers are mixed in, keeping the downs together and providing good moisture transport. The amount of down versus feathers helps to determine the heat insulating properties. The more down in relation to feathers, the warmer the jacket is. Down jackets from Junge consists of 90% down and 10% feather. Down jackets for Summer are made of 2 layers down and down jackets for Winter are made of 4 layers of down, where the down is sewn in down bags.

An RDS certification means that:

  • Down and feathers originate exclusively from birds raised for the food industry.
  • The product does not contain down and feathers from birds, that are plucked alive.
  • The product does not contain down and feathers from birds that have been forced to feed.
  • The down production is controlled from farm to finished product.
  • The suppliers are controlled by an independent third party.

What is Responsible Down Standard?

RDS is a certification for responsible down production, which places great emphasis on controlling the entire process from farm to finished product. The company Textile Exchange, an independent, global and nonprofit organization, is behind the certification. The organization works to minimize or completely reverse the textile industry’s negative impact on the environment.

Certified by Control Union CU 834582
RDS Certificate 1
RDS Certificate 2

Read more about the certification here: https://responsibledown.org